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Benefits of Using Celebrity Endorsements :-


There are a number of advantages to using celebrities in advertising. Celebrities often work best because they naturally generate lots of attention and are known nationally. Below are a few of the common reasons why an organization would use a celebrity to help market its products or services, according to an article by Rick Suttle published by the online Houston Chronicle:


  • Attract New Users: Finding and keeping new customers is hard for some organisations. Using a celebrity to endorse an organisation's product or service can entice new customers.

  • Breathe Life into A Failing Brand: Celebrity endorsements can help revive a product or service that is losing market share. Celebrities can tout the benefits of the brand and help create new interest from consumers.

  • Build Awareness: Brand awareness is an indicator that measures how familiar people are with a particular product or service. Celebrities advertising can build brand awareness, according to Supermarket News, a publication covering the food distribution industry.

  • Influence Consumer Purchases: Celebrities who are well respected can instantly add credibility to a product or service. Consumers may have the attitude, 'If this celebrity is backing the product or service, it must be good.' Consumers might also think 'If the product is good enough for him or her, it is good enough for me.

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